Wavish Industries

Wavish Industries

I‘ve just spent most of my morning trawling through the back catalogue of posts on the blog Wavish Industries, written by Nick Wavish an Interactive Director at Unit 9. Couldn’t help myself cherry picking some of my favourites to post here. Above is the hilarious Message from Batman, this clever Mario ad, the well spotted volume dial up to 11 on BBC iPlayer, Wallace & Gromit start male modeling, the awesome typograhic work of Craig Ward and this clever google images game. Anyhow, added to my list of blogs I regularly read :)

He is Rob Law

You might already know Rob, he invented the Trunki, he’s been on Dragons Den and is currently spear heading an advertising campaign for Orange business. He’s also also a great mate of me and Paul, Orange have just produced a short film about him and we almost fell off our seats laughing at some of the old uni pictures, nights out and holiday pics of us all spanning the last decade! Check out the film here. We shot some footage of our thoughts about Rob (although they only seem to of used the sensible ones for some reason) and posted them back, they even included some shots of us we had on there of our trip, looks really good :)

Are you British in Bed?

are you british in bed quiz for K-Y Jelly

Asite I designed and illustrated a while ago has just launched today, it’s the Are you British in Bed Quiz or K-Y Jelly ;)

They’ve got a new product out in the UK called Touch Massage, or how we had to refer to it endlessly in the site – K-Y® brand TOUCH MASSAGE® 2-in-1 Tingling or Warming… that rolls off the tongue nicely doesn’t it! Anyhow it’s a combination of pussy rub and massage oil, to get you all sexed up in the bedroom.

We basically built a sex quiz located in a passport control booth (I didn’t think of the idea!). It’s pretty well done if I don’t say so myself, Dezza & Russ did the flash development, Mattias did the HTML and FaceBook application. So on give it a go, it is actually pretty funny.

If you just want to get your hands on the lube, it’s available from Boots here »