Layer Tennis today!

Tennis desk

In just over an hour me and Rex start our game of Layer Tennis. It should be an entertaining show, so make sure you get tickets »

In preparation I painted my (only) desk green yesterday, still hasn’t dried… Looks good though, but there might be a few green smudges on our drawings!

The live commentary will be provided by Anne Ward up in Glasgow, you might know her blog – I Like, check out her intro to the match. Also I’ve won the coin toss, so will be going first and Rex will have the last word.

Rex has just arrived, blimey I’m starting to get a few butterfly’s in my belly…

6 thoughts on “Layer Tennis today!

  1. Great color for the desks! Also, I like the idea of a duel-esque setting for these. Seems like it’d be even more intense! Maybe put a cage overhead and lions nearby… maybe that’s too much intensity for designers. It may be possible that I’ve watched too much of the movie Gladiator, also.

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