Suits you sir!

Social Suicide Yellow Suit

I‘ve a couple of weddings coming up on the next 2 weekends and I just realised that my suit looked a bit stupid on me after losing a few stone walking the CDT… Not to worry, I’m mates Simon & Tig (Social Suicide) make, in my opinion the most interesting suits around. Each one generally tries to do something that has never been done before and chock full of random features and functions that you wouldn’t usually expect from a suit such as their specially designed ‘Razzle’ pocket ;)

Ideally I would of like an orange suit, but I was quite taken by this bright yellow one. One of the wedding’s is my mate El, who I do all the branding for. I think it’ll be quite funny that I’ll be on brand at the wedding!

I got a bit carried away with poses this morning when I got Nicky to take the picture, rest on my Flickr, I really like the jumping shot, but too gay to actually post here.

Also you ladies, they’ve started a women’s line of suits (by Christy), not on the website, but I saw some down in their store.

12 thoughts on “Suits you sir!

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  3. What a jolly cracking suit! I wouldn’t mind one of them for myself! I currently have a few top quality suits from Savile row for sale on eBay (Hogspear shops on eBay), if you would like to have a look. Not quite as show stopping as this, but fine all the same. Captain Hogspear

  4. Awesome color. I especially like the slight blue hue of the shirt against the bright yellow. Does the lining of the suit match?

  5. Cooki – that is the most awesomest suit ever – I think I might feel a bit underdressed at El’s wedding next weekend, what with you in that suit and all Andy’s family in Kilts. Just got the scratchcard invitation today – brilliant work again Mr. Cook. See you next weekend in Scotland.

  6. I love this, the fact that there will be the Scots in their kilts and representing England will be Mr Cook in this fine yellow suit. LOVE IT COOKIE

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