2 thoughts on “World Nude Day

  1. My wife and I go to Club Orient for two weeks a year. Club O is a clothes optional village on St. Martin. We enjoy going nude for the two weeks and meeting and visiting with other nudists on the beach. They come from around the world and some we have met we have visited in their home in their native country as well as their visiting with us in the US
    At home we enjoy going nude around the house. My wife puts on a short thin robe to answer the door.

    Some friends we visit with come over often. Some know about our nudist way of life and respect it. So when they come over we dress during their visit. However a few are not offended by our nudity and encourage our going nude during their visit, which we do. Although they remain dressed we are nude during their visit.
    They do not stare or sneak peeks. These are true friends.





    ry to

    sneak peeks


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