Adding textures to vector graphics

It seems to me that the currently trendy thing to do is add textures to your flat vector graphics. I’ve been playing around with a party poster today and thought it would be nice to show a few examples:

Party poster, vector graphics

Flat vectors, this is the party poster after I’ve finished with it in Illustrator.

Party poster, colour halftone

Colour halftone, I don’t much about all this colour separation stuff as I’m not a print designer, but I do like the texture of the halftone patterns. This one is quite a subtle shade.

party poster, halftone

Halftone, reduced this verson down to just one colour.

party poster concrete wall

Concrete wall, using the wall itself as an opacity mask makes it look as if it’s been painted on.

party poster, brick wall

Brick wall, much the same as the last one with a bit of colour.

party poster, wood grain

Wood grain, just used the vector shapes to mask off various wood grain textures… Quite like this one.

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