Advice to sink in slowly

Advice to sink in slowly

Advice to sink in slowly is a collection of 24 postcards passing on personal advice in a creative way, including designs by recent and established UCF (University College Falmouth) graduates and guest artists. The cover is by Frank Chimero and you should check out his postcard too – “It’s simple. Most of the advice you’ve heard about life probably also applies to design. Not because design is life, but because both are primarily concerned with people”.

Here’s a video preview of the book:

One thought on “Advice to sink in slowly

  1. We have these up on the wall in our house. I particularly like ‘Always Check’ which lives on our bathroom door.

    Falmouth is a great place to live, we are surrounded by so many inspiring and creative people.

    One of my friends who studies graphics at Falmouth has launched a website ( to show off the work of the current 3rd year.

    its worth a look!

    good luck in layer tennis!

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