Alpine Pass Route

Alpine Pass Route

Probably the most common questioned I get asked is – what have you got planned for your next walk? Well I’ve booked some cheap flight to Switzerland (£40 return, can you believe that? – Aer Lingus), ordered some maps and have been planning the route all weekend :) Click the image for a bigger map of our planned route.

I haven’t been to the Alps since ’95 (I used to go just about every year) so it’s about time for a visit. I’ve been keeping my eye on a new series of long distance trails crossing the Alps called Via Alpina. They just updated their site with lots more info on the routes and handy download-able section pdfs. There’s 5 trails in all, the daddy being the Red Route which is 1500 miles. Also found the site of Judy Armstrong who did a loop mostly on the Via Alpina trails, crossing the Alps twice in a whooping 3,300 mile single season trip!

I’ve a picked a little section for me and Nicky across Switzerland (Bernese Alps), mostly on the Green route, but with a bit of the Red at the end. As well as being part of the Via Alpina, (most of) the route seems generally known as the Alpine Pass Route. I found a site – Activity Workshop, that has a lot of online information about the walk, they also plotted the route on google maps which I’ve found quite handy. Also there’s a Cicerone guide of the Alpine Pass Route, by the legendary Kev Reynolds.

Can’t wait till the end of June now, I’ll be blogging as we go as usual. Hopefully if Nicky enjoys herself, we might plan a full traverse of the Alps in 2010 :)

9 thoughts on “Alpine Pass Route

  1. For all hutts you should ask the person in charge if you can camp. He will show you a good place. Eat in the hut or pay for the use of the toilett and all are happy.

    But there a evrywhere some small places to camp free up the mountains.

    At a alp ask the farmer and ask if you can buy some cheese or milk from him. They allways look grimly but thy like that.

    Youre Route looks very nice I wouldn go to Interlaken (very boring) And the Route to Leukerbad is nice but a dead end. Its very cliffy and not so nice like the other routes. SO good look!

  2. Hi Cookie,
    I’m sure this is gonna be a nice trip…if you stay in Grindelwald you’d definitely climb the Eigernordwand (wan’t take to long…there’s some guy called Ueli Steck he just walks up there in 2h47Min).

    So, have fun and weeeha!
    Severin (from Berne, Switzerland)

  3. Hi Jamie,

    I went for for the 1:50 000 scale maps, still cost about £100 to cover the whole route… They’re beautifull though, you guys definetly make the best maps! Yeah I know you’re not allowed to camp (but have done previously), I love wild camping though, it’s probably my favourite bit, I reckon we’ll probably try and find a few nice spots away from habitation along the route (the second half looks less populated). But there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of huts and lodging along the way if we need them. If you have any experience or info on great spots, please let me know :) Also I’m assuming the SAC mountain huts will let you camp by them?

    I’ve been to the area as kid, but can’t really remember too much detail (apart from climbing the Shilthorn and getting a 007 ice cream in the revolving resturant), if you have many advice on stuff not to miss if we pass nearby I’d love to hear about it.


  4. Oh cool. Welcome to switzerland then! The best thing is you bought some maps (1: 25 000) they are quite expensive but very usefull. You will find there when you get started. Its not allowed to camp in switzerland, but i you high enough and you stay only for one night it wouldn’t be a problem.

    I do every summer a walk in the alps. Its allways a pleasure. Fell free to ask if you want to know something, perhaps i can help you?

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