Anyone looking for a room to rent?

Photos of the room to rent and our house

Eleanor has bought a house and is leaving us… £320 a month room available at the end of August in converted factory space in Shoreditch, just off Kingsland Road, right next to the canal (10min walk to Shoreditch center). It’s 4 bedroom, sharing with 2 hirsute English gents and a Japanese girl (smokers). It’s is a great space to live, surrounded by lovely neighbours of similar age and persuasion. We are looking for someone chilled and up for a laugh but also someone who pulls their own weight, does their own washing up but doesn’t live by rotas. The room is like a blank canvas with a double bed, wooden floors and beams – it’s not a huge room but one that you can do what you will with. If you are looking for just a room then sorry that’s just not us. But if you are looking for a friendly house who really enjoy hanging out together then drop us an email.


5 thoughts on “Anyone looking for a room to rent?

  1. Hi there,

    I got this announcement from a friend. Of course it is long ago, but you never know, maybe the situation now has changed? I will be moving to London within 10 days and will have to find a place urgently. I will working for a project – the European Football cup.

    Would be happy to receive a feedback regarding to this!
    cheers, nadine

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