Aptera – The Future Now

Aptera car from the side

Phwoar check this, it’s the car of the future! But no, you can put down a deposit on the Aptera right now. I love this car so much because I designed a little ‘bee’ car with a pointy backend in my student days and this looks just like it! I’m going to start saving up for the deposit.

Arse view of aptera car

“Aptera Motors engineers radically efficient vehicles through the groundbreaking fusion of advanced aerodynamics and light-weight composite technology. In an era that promises a future of improved vehicles economy and alternative fuels, Aptera is delivering that future now. The result is a vehicle that no one realized was possible; efficient, cost-effective, safe and high-performance.”

Yeah what ever, in does 300 mpg and just check out it’s gorgeous back end!

Via iso50.

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