Australia Day ClubPub

Australia Day ClubPub

Australia Day ClubPub this Wednesday, 30th Jan. Ok so we’re going to be a bit late, Australia Day is on the 26th, but better late than never! Poke’s always had a good amount of Australian employees so were celebrating the founding of their land down under :) We’re moving slightly away from Shoreditch for this one to the Pleasure Unit on Bethnal Green Road – Map. Not been before, but apparently it’s a bit retro and psychadelic, also they’re about to re-fit the place so it doesn’t matter if we trash it. It used to be a gay pub called the Cock & Comfort, what a class name! Get yourself into your tightest shorts & cork hat and head on down, should a good night.

Also I think we’re bringing back by popular demand the GIF Jockey 2.0, so if anyone has an amusing animated GIFs send them my way!

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