Beef Club

Beef Club - Zurich

I thought we’d already had our big ‘end of walk steak’, but then in the afternoon we walked past – Beef Club! Some friends of ours run a regular social gathering in London called Meat Club, all dressed up in butchers outfits and eating nothing but meat. I was expecting much of the same, sadly but unsurprisingly Beef Club was more of a Gentlemens Club than a Meat Club.

I liked that on the menu, the small steak was called Business Cut, but the large steak was Gentleman’s Cut :)

Beef Club - flambéed with Cognac

Me & Nicky both share a burning passion for food that arrives on fire, so there was no choice really when with we saw Swiss Prime beef tenderlion, flambéed with Cognac on the menu. The waiter wasn’t shy with the booze and got a good old fire going on!

Beef Club - John Bull Pepper Steak

The dish was called John Bull’s Peppersteak, if you don’t know who John bull is, check this picture here. He’s the British equiliant of the American Uncle Sam and is quite a portly fella. Not sure if this portion would of even touched his sides, I certainly could of easily seen away two of them. Damn tastey though, I’m not knocking it!

Beef Club - Crêpe Suzette

In honor of her Dad, who apparently loves the flamming Crêpe Suzette, Nicky had it for pud. Two flamming dishes in one meal, that doesn’t happen every day. I had an ice cream from what was the most extensive ice cream menu I’ve ever seen, 20 odd pages!

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  2. Thanks for the great write-up of the trip. Musings on John Bull also made me think of Hogarth’s Beer Street – the companion to the better-known Gin Lane – which presents an idealised England complete with hock-waving butcher…

    More on the patriotism/xenophobia of the prints here and here:

  3. I have just discovered your blog and your girlfriends, they are so good!! Did you have a great time in Switzerland? I am going there on Tuesday with my partner and kids. We are going to stay with my family in a little village in the valley below Verbier so will get to see the tour de france arrive on the 19th! Looking forward very much to cheese fondue and croute au fromage yummmmm
    Kind regards and sorry for prattling on

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