Cafe on Pine

Salmon and Fig sauce, yum yum

Bob the forest service guy who gave us a ride into town recommended we eat at Cafe on Pine in Pinedale. We couldn’t make it the first night, because of our huge cowboy steak cravings, but second night (we have to wait here until Monday for the post office to open…) we gave it a go.

Got to say to food was superb, second only to the Back Street Steakhouse in Grand Lake, but a good deal cheaper. I had fish for the first time in the states so far (I don’t trust it being fresh and not frozen usually), salmon in a fig sauce, not for the fish really though – I love fig sauce or relish, it was damn tastey. For pud I went for the old faithfull, apple pie. This was mile high apple pie though, had a pastry bottom, crumble top and the apples were set in custard :)

Mile high apple pie

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