Canada and Beyond

Well we made it to Waterton in good time and started celebrating hard – drank all the beer in the liquor store! The place is closing down for winter so there wasn’t that much left ;) Managed to convince the chef at the Kilmorey Lodge the cook us up each a steak twice as big as the biggest ones on his menu. It was a 20oz brick and definetly in our top 3 steaks on the trail :) We felt a bit like minor celebrities, everyone in the resturant gave us a standing ovation and were asking us questions all night. The waitress even agreed to drive us an hour and a half across Canada the following morning to get to Lethbridge (where we are now) so we could hire a car (nearest place).

Whats next. Well we have about a week to kill before I fly back to England and Paul’s girlfriend Claire flys out here for a little holiday. So were just going to hire a car, fill it with booze and beef, drive around and find a nice campsite, make a bif fire and get drunk! If anything amusing happens I will let you know.

7 thoughts on “Canada and Beyond

  1. Glad I found this old blog. Watched your dvd. It is mountains better than any I have seen. Brilliant photography. So nice to a focus on the beauty of the hike rather than the blisters. I could not figure out why your hike took so long. I now know. You guys love the mountains and hike extra miles to climb and see more. Truely inspiring hiking.

    doug, Lethbridge, ab,ca

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  4. Guys, well done! It’s been awesome following along with you – those last few days looked brutal.

    Seriously, really inspiring stuff (I’m even having a frosty beer right now to salute you).

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