King & Queen of Sports Game

International King & Queen of Sports

International King & Queen of Sports is the perfect way to break the ice, entertain and woo the girl/guy of your dreams! Well it’s a bit of fun anyhow… I made it for a valentines a few years ago and thought it was about time I dusted it off and gave it a second outing. Basically it’s a competitive drinking / pubcrawl type game designed for 2 people.

What you get:

  • An editable Illustrator file of both the King & Queen score cards
  • 2 chest numbers to print out and attach while competing
  • Full instructions & rules and regulations of how to play

Download the free King & Queen of Sports Illustrator files here. Feel free to use it in anyway you see fit. For those of you who don’t have Illustrator, you can download a set of pdf’s of the scorecards and numbers here.

There’s 17 mini games to play (you don’t have to complete them all) here’s a basic description of them in order:

  1. Tally up your pints, 10 points each – remember this isn’t a date, it’s a pub crawl, so drink!
  2. Highest free standing tower – Think empire states building, iron girders and all – use the marshmellows as joints and the spaghetti as girders. You might need to get a referee to judge the tallest if it’s a close call.
  3. Darts is obvious, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a pub with a board these days…
  4. Bar Billiards – tricky one, the only pub I know of in London which has it is the Owl and Pussycat on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch. You’re in luck though, as it’s also the finest pub in the whole of London so should definitely be on your list of pubs to crawl to.
  5. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghing the longest – this is a game inspired by one of the GI Joe clips over at Fensler film. Basically you both start saying ‘baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr’, first person to run out of breath loses.
  6. Beer mats tossed – flip ’em and then catch ’em.
  7. Biggest bubble gum bubble.
  8. Table football – some folk call it fussball, you all know how to play
  9. The trussing game – this is my favourite, it’s an old Victorian parlour game, but requires some diagrams to properly explain… google it, I’ll try and do a proper post about it later.
  10. Dominoes
  11. Karaoke – you need a referee to judge
  12. The splits – you know trying to touch the floor with your crotch while your legs are straight – the lady will more likely win this one.
  13. Portraits – drawing each other (you’ll need so paper and pens) – you also need a referee to judge.
  14. Pool
  15. Derek Zoolander Award – most outrageous clothing on the day bags these points.
  16. Best banter (mutual decision)
  17. French Kissing – save this for last!

You should also have with you a bottle of Champagne, so at the end of the night when the scores are added up, the winner can spray it all over the loser, grand-prix style.

Cardboard Party!

Cardboard party pics

Well our house is just about back to normal now that the last of the party has been moped up and cleared away. I did a really shit job of taking pics, only got a few crappy camera phone shots before and after… Hopefully someone might send me some better ones to post later.

Above is my box of wine, Sachi’s keytar & Nicky’s box of Monster & Munch. I think Ahra’s reporter from ‘Harro’ magazine was probably best costume, had working zoom lense on camera and a spring loaded shutter button!

Update: Ah, Yeevon’s took some much better pictures, here’s a selection. I’ve uploaded all of them to my Flickr.

Cardboard party photos

2 Days to Cardboard Party!

Giant cardboard cigarette packet

Remember Cardboard Party in 2 days! We haven’t got any decks or DJ’s, so we’re doing the bring your own music thing and borrowing the poke mix CD hat (you have to wear it while your CD’s on). If you’re coming and want to do 15-20min set, burn it onto a CD and bring it along with you Saturday.

That’s Nicky’s costume in the picture, I’ve been tasked with making hers too while she’s suning herself in Thailand! It’s not finished yet, it’s going to be good :)

Australia Day ClubPub

Australia Day ClubPub

Australia Day ClubPub this Wednesday, 30th Jan. Ok so we’re going to be a bit late, Australia Day is on the 26th, but better late than never! Poke’s always had a good amount of Australian employees so were celebrating the founding of their land down under :) We’re moving slightly away from Shoreditch for this one to the Pleasure Unit on Bethnal Green Road – Map. Not been before, but apparently it’s a bit retro and psychadelic, also they’re about to re-fit the place so it doesn’t matter if we trash it. It used to be a gay pub called the Cock & Comfort, what a class name! Get yourself into your tightest shorts & cork hat and head on down, should a good night.

Also I think we’re bringing back by popular demand the GIF Jockey 2.0, so if anyone has an amusing animated GIFs send them my way!

Horde all your Cardboard!

Cardboard graphics, party flyer, unit 2

We’re having a house party at Unit 2, it’s a joint (belated) house warming for our new housemates Jody & Emeline, and birthday party for me! (I turn the grand old age 31 on the 10th)

The theme is cardboard, accessorise with it, dress in it, draw on it, make of it what you will. No one is allowed to do this, I want to make it. We’ll be getting hammered on boxes of wine from about 8 till late.

Stick it in your diary & hope you can make it :) Cookie.

The Pyrenean High Level Route

Blighmy this is a blast from the past! Just dragged out my old holiday video from summer 2003, hardly recognise myself with no facial hair, or even any on the top of my head for that matter…

This was a 3 week walk across part of the Pyrenean High Level Route. It was the first long distance walk I’d done with mates rather than the parents, hence the amount of booze we can be seen to be consuming! It was a great trip and the first of it’s kind for Paul, who has joined me every year since on my summer ramblings.

Of course The Who’s fantastic Baba O’Riley is the soundtrack.

Top 10 things of 2007

I was just reading on Asi’s blog his top 10 things of 2007, thought I’d have a go too, so here is my Off the Top of My Mead, Favourite Things of 2007.

Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games music video

1. Music

Of Montreal, album: Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? I first came across Of Montreal through their brilliant music video of the song Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games by Kangaroo Alliance. Really into their catchy bass lines & surreal lyrics.

film poster of Planet Terror

2. Film

Planet Terror by Robert Rodriguez. Non stop zombie blood bath – Girls, guns, guts, this movies got it all – loved every minute of it. Shame Tarantino’s Death Proof wasn’t as top notch (although the ending was genius).

Nad Shot, blog of cartoon characters getting whacked in the nuts

3. Blog

Nad Shot. I love blogs or sites that are obsessively devoted to one obscure thing, well Nad Shot tops the ranks for me. It’s a blog showcasing frames from comics where a character is getting whacked in the nuts. Genius.

Free love and less expensive beer protest sign

4. Party/Fancy dress

There’s been a few good do’s this year, but I think my favourite was back in the begining of the year for my 3oth birthday when we went on a protest pub crawl through london. More info here, and some pictures of the day here. It had everything, all day drinking, armed police trying to arrest us, fancy dress, all my friends and a banging warehouse party at the end to polish it off. Ah happy days :)

Nike vintage waffle racer

5. Stuff to buy

My top purchase this year was my Nike Vintage Waffle Racers in Classic Green. In my opinion, the perfect trainer and I love them the bits. More info on the Nike Vintage site.

Sorry T-Shirt

6. T-Shirt

I love t-shirts, but the one I love above all others is my sorry. t-shirt from Glarkware. It’s so simple, but always get comments from random people, and you can’t fault Cooper Black as the classic t-shirt font.

Poster by Scott Hansen

7. Designer

So hard to pick your favourite, but I think I’d have to go for Scott Hansen, portfolio | blog. I’ve been an admirer of his work for a while, it just so beautifully detailed and rich.

Alex Trochut BA numbers

8. Illustrator

Alex Trouchut, I suppose you could say his work is typography, but I’m in awe of his clean lines and precision work, all of it top notch. Check out his portfolio >

Sachiko Munakata

9. Person

Sachi. I was going to pick my girlfriend Nicky, but she doesn’t have a site yet that I can link to… So instead (and perhaps more rightly so) I’m going to pick Sachiko Munakata. I’ve only known Sachi for 3 years, but we’ve been house mates all that time and she really is a pleasure to live with. I’ve met a few people throughout my life who constantly amaze me and I never tire of, Sachi’s definitely one of them. (Sachi you need to start posting to your blog though!)

FFFFOUND website, tile view

10. Website

It’s got to be FFFFOUND. The site is just so crammed full of good things to look at, it’s hard to go a day without visiting it. Find some good looking things now > (if anyone has a spare invite, could you send it my way?)