Margarita Contest!

Margarita Contest

A while back when we were in Grants we had a go at trying to create to perfect Mountain/Sports Margarita using only Dehydrated fruit powered drink and neat Tequila . It actually produced results far better than we were expecting! All but the Kool-Aid were quite drinkable and the Replenish wasn’t actually far off the mark!

We even had a suggestion from a Mexican chap about Squirt , another possible mixer. Got us thinking that there’s probably loads of great powdered stuff out there that we could add to tequila! But it’s hard for us to get our hands on a variety of stuff while on trail… So we thought…

Competition Time!
To be honest this isn’t the most thought out or thrilling contest ever created, but if you want to take part here are the rules:

1. You have to post us some fruity flavoured powdered drink to the address at the bottom of this post.

2. It needs to get there by the 13th of June , so bare that in mind if post from outside the US!

3. We will make up one mug (3rd of a pint?) of each submitted flavour with tequila and drink it between us on the evening we get into town. Remember the more varieties you send us the more hammered we’re going to get!

4. Don’t worry, we’ll buy all the expensive Tequila (but if you posted us a bottle we would drink it too).

5. We’ll pick a winner in the early hours and probably be ill for the next few days and blog all about it.

The Prize:
Well we don’t have anything on us that we can give away at the moment… But we’ll be spending the next 10 days thinking and looking for the perfect prize! It might be a fascinating rock we come across, it might be something artistic and functional that we manage to bodge together, it might be a whole stack of Tequila! Maybe the final drink will ultimately be named after you and you’ll be immortalised for ever in cocktail manuals around the world… Who knows, but make sure to include a return address so that we can post whatever it is out to the winner.

Here’s the address:

Simon Cook & Paul Hayton

C/O General Delivery
US Post Office
250 Hot Springs Road
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Please hold for CDT hiker, ETA: 13th June 2008

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