Cutting onions does make me cry (sometimes)

Cutting onions

I‘m not entirely sure who made this image, which is a shame because it’s beautiful and cutting out those letters from curved onion layers must of been a right pain in the arse and does deserve recognition… Anyhow I found it ShareSomeCandy which was via and then via. Does anyone know how to find/extract the Flickr user from this URL?

While on the subject… check out this hilarious article from The Onion.

Update: Cheers Tom & Bibi, here’s the original, looks like it’s by stereomind.

8 thoughts on “Cutting onions does make me cry (sometimes)

  1. Hello Cookie! Wow, how luck am I that I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching an “onion” photo?! I love it, so funny and very entertaining. I’m linking from my blog pronto!

    Regarding the image above … I too am looking for the artist/photographer. I used it in a post on my blog and would very much like to give credit where it is due. For now it’s linked to your site. Congratulations by the way, I believe you’ve gotten engaged in the last day or two? Don’t believe I saw the “fiance” part before. Monster Munch too will be linked from my blog. You guys are tops! Take care!

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