English Things

English Things

Hwa Young Jung has done a great job of cataloging and drawing various English Things. It’s funny, a lot of them I don’t think of as being ‘english’, they’re just normal. Interesting that someone new to the country is so fascinated by our brands.

I’m glad to see that he’s got my local beer from back home on there – Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. It’s the most awarded beer in the country and 4 times winner of beer of the year :) Grab yourself a 12 pack »

5 thoughts on “English Things

  1. Hi Cookie,

    Thanks for the coverage. I act as Hwa Young’s Product Analyst, helping her identify what items are iconically English.

    Emma, your comment was one of many; the range of items has been split into a collection of British and Scottish items. Though parliaments may, thankfully supermarkets do not devolve.

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