This tree marks the boundary between Colorado and Wyoming, that means we are give or take halfway there! By our current calculations, 12 weeks down, only 12 to go :) In some ways it’s a bit depressing – feels like we’ve been walking forever and we’re ONLY halfway? Ah well, Wyoming is the shortest state, we’ll soon have that under our belt and be on the home straight in no time.

7 thoughts on “Halfway!

  1. Congratulations on finishing the first half……..keep on going, your doing wicked. Everyone back here is really proud of you both!!

  2. Bloody brilliant guys!!!! Youve done fantastic to get there, and think of all the adventures still to come!!!! very proud of you both!!! Xx

  3. Congrats! Always keep track of your progress now, although it leaves me pretty jealous! Look forward to the next update, and poop shot!

  4. Well Done BOYS!!!! You’re doing amazingly well. It’s so impressive what you’re doing and what you’ve achieved. Keep going, i know you can do it! :D

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