I finally got an invite to FFFFOUND!

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I’m amazed how simple and easy it is to use. Haven’t had much time to start collecting images yet… but you can view my found page here.

I just want to say a massive thank you to Russell Davies for giving me his last remaining invite :) If you’re stuck finding a christmas present this weekend you should check out Russell’s book – Egg, Bacon, Chips & Beans.

112 thoughts on “I finally got an invite to FFFFOUND!

  1. Hi there!

    I’m enjoying reading your site.. I’ll start following you on twitter shorty. I was wondering if I might prevail upon you for a ffffound invite sometime if you ever have one available that isn’t already allocated elsewhere.

    I sincerely appreciate any consideration you might be able to show me.

    Thanks and best wishes!


  2. That all makes sense. It’s pretty sad, I’m to the point that I would pay a decent amount of money for an invite.. couple hundred dollars at least. But not only can I not figure out how to get an invite, but there is no auction or way to buy one.

    Jeez, what a pain. Thanks for responding, I just subscribed to your RSS so I’m sure we’ll be in touch ;)

  3. Hey Cookie — love your work!

    Looks like these ffffound invites are pretty impossible to come by, huh? It’s great your friend Russell was able to send one your way. I’m curious not if you could send me an invite (I read you invited your girlfriend already) but rather how you come by and invite. Is the only way to be invited by somebody else who has an account or invite to give? Not sure if you know the answer to this question.

    Ether way, great work!

    • Hi Nate, yeah these invites are all the rage these days and a bit of a pain.. How it worked with me was I got 1 invite only, gave that to my girlfriend, she had one invite, gave that to her housemate etc etc. All I can suggest is you blog/tweet/email that you want one and hopefully someone out there might have one?

  4. hey,

    I’m a photographer and i find ffffoud an amazing source of inspiration. if you could send me one, it would be great.

    neoyoli at gmail dot com


  5. shamelessly, i received an invite rather effortlessly. must be a minneapolis thing. i’ve seen them selling for alot of money which is ridiculous. especially since an invite is priceless.

  6. FFFFOUND is really so awesome, but the reason is that most members do not understand that words like “i get an invite and you have to fight for it now” ruins its greatness. I tries to get FFFFOUND invite for a long time but at the same time I think that the process of receiving invites must by more tough!

  7. Nice to say hello to you. Do you have any ffffound invte please! I’ve got tons of images I would love to share with the community. Thank you very much and congratulations with the work you do.



  8. hey, i have been looking everywhere for an invite. nada, zilch,,, anyone have an invite they’d like to offer? i would appriciate it more than you’d know.

    thanks kindly,

  9. Hello, i am a designer, from Brasil, and i wanna know, if you can send a invite to ffffound for me!
    in my country, no meet anyone has have!
    is a f**k hard to obtain this.

    thank for your help, and i apreciate to much your job!

    p.s.: my english is not so good, but i try alone write to you

    c ya

  10. Hi, I understand that you don’t currently have any invites but if you do get any soon I am willing to paypal you some money.

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