I love New Zealand

Mt. Cook Map

Haven’t actually been there, but I am planning to go next year, only fair since they’ve named a mountain after me ;). Linz (Land Information New Zealand) just released a new series of 1:50k today, so I headed over expecting it part with a fair amount of cash to buy all the maps I needed to walk the 1800 mile Te Araroa. Much to my delight you can download them all for free!

Good work New Zealand, I only wish more countries would make their maps available for free :)

8 thoughts on “I love New Zealand

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  2. hi, just found your site while searching for mine :) im english but living in NZ. you’ll love your trip…. oh lol just realised that the post was from 2009.. nvm, how was the trip – do you have a follow up post?

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  5. First time I’ve been on your website and I’m so impressed to find your a fan of New Zealand. Grew up in Hokitika but spent last christmas at Mt.Cook. Two must sees.

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