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Richard Perez

Holy shit, LetterCult have posted probably the most inspiring post(s) I’ve seen in a long while – Part 1 & Part 2. Featuring the best Custom Letters (built from scratch, not customised) of 2009. Been spending too much time today searching out the different people’s sites (annoyingly they don’t provide links), wait a sec, here’s a page with the links (cheers Francine).

There’s some familiar faces that I’ve blogged about before, so I’ll highlight a few favourites by people new to me:

Esther Aarts:

Esther Aarts

Esther’s got a nice freehand retro style, her Illustrations are great too, might do a seperate post about them.

Jessica Hische:

Jessica Hische

I’ve actually seen Jessica’s stuff before but never got round to posting it, lovely playful type treatments abound. Check out her blog here and she’s just released her first typeface here.

Richard Perez:

Richard Perez

This guys works is fucking awesome, a mix of illustration, design and typography and a real mix of different styles. The image at the top of this post is by Richard too.

Linzie Hunter:

Linzie Hunter

Her Spam Project cracks me up, plenty more great work where that came from too.

Via: Yewknee.

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