I‘ve never seen anything like it, obviously we’re taking the piss in this reconstruction picture, but on this night I genuinely thought we were going to die! We found a spot to camp just beyond Buffalo Pass at the usual 7pm, the mosquitos were so bad we decided to have a little snooze in the tent before dinner. We woke just as it was getting dark and made starters – hot and sour soup with beef jerky, yum yum.

Then the thunder and lightening started, all around us in every direction. For a while we sheltered amongst the trees thinking that was safer than the tent which was just on the edge of a clearing. But with lightening bolts hitting the ground every 5 seconds, a full 360 degrees around us in wasn’t long before we couldn’t watch and had to get under canvas just to try and block it out. Didn’t feel as if there was anything we could do to protect ourselves, it was just going to be a lottery whether we were hit or not. The whole tent lit up each time a lightening bolt struck, I even recorded a piece on my video camera saying I didn’t like our chances of making it through the night… All we could do was lie flat, shut our eyes and think of England. Not sure how long the storm went on for, I can remember shitting myself for several hours! Thankfully the next thing I remember was waking up in the morning, safe and sound.

Unfortunetly someone else wasn’t so lucky, just heard on the news that the storm killed someone nearby…

3 thoughts on “Lightening

  1. Well that sounds like fun! Glad you made it through, cannot have *imagined* what that must have been like!

    Keep plodding through guys, well done on making it this bloody far.

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