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  1. The Chinese can be incredibly cruel to animals, it wouldnt surprise me in the least that they would do this to a lion and a horse in the name of ‘entertainment’. Animals can be forced to do all sorts of unnatural acts when you use pain and fear to bully them into it. They ultimately have no choice but to do what the humans want
    Wild animals do not belong in circuses full stop. :(

  2. Weeeeeeeh!
    that horse is so scared!
    and sometimes i have to say sorry for my bad engilsh bud i am 11 years old and i am from the Nederlands!
    bud oke, that horse…….
    i like horses and horseriding bus a horse with someane on his bag that will eat him……

  3. This is a real picture. Have an article about it in a circus in Siamen in southeast China’s Fujian province.

    The horse would take off like a rocket it it was freaked and that Lion wouldn’t have a chance of staying there with no claws. Looks like the horse is keeping track of what is near it’s head.

    A lot of people knee jerk blog before researching. Gets old.

    The lion looks emaciated. And what happens to an old defanged, declawed lion?

    Let’s focus on drunk gambling scumbags in the Philipines and China that even bring their kids to horse fights where it’s often to the death instead of a circus act.

  4. The pony is a little nervous, not scared. Anyone who knows anything about horses can tell he`s not scared.
    1. You can see a little bit of eye white-nervouseness
    2. Ears are pricked, not back. Back would indicate fear or nervouseness.
    3. Horses and ponies can cary more weight than people would think.
    The horse isn`t scared. I would hate to see the training process and what happens behind the scenes though. :\

  5. This is a real picture and is rerring to the China case where they do this, and other horrible things to animals. It is in the natural instinct of the horse to be terrified, and so it is. It cannot be trained away. Please do not encourage this by putting this picture on your website. Instead of doing that, take some time to think about the poor horse who has to carry around a natural enemyy – on its back! It must be absolutely terrified. Not to mention the weight of the lion. The people who did this has no humanity in their bodies or minds.

  6. This is a real photograph, and it saddens me. The horse is terrified and has absolutely no chance to get rid of the lion, because it weighs about 200kg!!

  7. yeah this photo hasnt been photo-shopped.
    if you look right below the lions tounge, you can see alot of random fur still sticking out of the lion. do you really think that if a person were to photoshop it, they’d worry about minor details like that?
    And the fact that the lions mane and the horses overlap back and forth.
    plus the lighting matches up and there’s no radom jpg imballance.

    I work a lot with horses, and yes horses do buck when they are scared, not just in pain. TRUST me.
    and yes the horse does look a little scared, naturally if i had that large of an animal on my back, i would be as well, but there is not a significant amount of white showing around his eyes.
    Anyone who knows a decent amount about horses, knows that when a horse is terrified, his eyes show a TON of white and his ears will go back, not flat, then hes angry, but just back…

    Grown males lions are about 9 ft long including the 3-ft tail, stand about 3 ft at the shoulder, and weigh up to 400 lb.

    while a smaller horse, to the shoulder, could only be 4ft tall.

  8. The horse is scared, you dont buck and rear when you are scared you run for your life.
    You buck and rear when things hurt!
    If you cant tell, that is wrong, you shouldnt be around horses x

  9. That horse isn’t terrified. It would be bucking and rearing up if it was. But no, it just keeps going. Oh come on that is so dumb! That lion isn’t on the horse! Totally photoshop, my dad is a photographer, so yeah I can tell.

  10. this is stupid. horses should not be required of this stuff! lions are their natural enemies .. Horses may be ridden only because they learned to trust people but of course no horse would like to have a heavy lion that they have a reflex to try and roll death …

  11. haha. It always irritates me that today’s society is so overexposed to CGI and photoshop that the first thing they think when they see a bizarre photo is “photoshop”. Research is key damnit! and nobody is a better person for yelling “photoshop”

  12. LOL, I always find it amusing that when people see a picture that they don’t like, they always immediately shout ‘Photoshop!’.

    Apart from that, this horse doesn’t look scared. It’s just doing what it has been trained to do. Horses can carry a lot more weight than some people give them credit for.

    I’m sure though that there must be instances where either animal’s instincts get the better of them and accidents happen. It really shouldn’t be done, but sadly some places in the world, people just don’t care about what’s kindest for the animals as long as it brings them entertainment.

  13. It’s not photoshopped. It’s real. There’s a recent documentary series on the BBC at the moment about Berlin (called ‘Berlin’). Part of the programme was about the people who ran a circus there during the cold war, in the East. They showed old footage of a ring of horses riding round with lions on their backs. I couldn’t believe my eyes (which is probably the reaction that causes stuff like this to happen).

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  15. this is stupid and sad the lion is way to big for the horse to carry all of that weight and the horse would be freaking out more than that it also looks totally photo-shopped

  16. No, it’s real. They do it in China. The lion is de-clawed and de-fanged. The horse is probably trained for it but still you can’t untrain eons of instinct. But of all the things they do to animals in China (and other places) it’s probably a lesser of evils sadly.

  17. Have any of you people ever seen a “terrified” horse? The horse in the picture is not terrified. If this pic is genuine, the horse was probably trained for it. Most likely this picture is totally BS though.

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