Mahum Goodboy

Mahum Goodboy, black man/boy with an impressive moustache

This guy is amazing, he’s a good friend of John Williams (who does the music on Star Wars).

“I cry like baby Jesus when I touch round onions”

I like his moustache very much.

One thought on “Mahum Goodboy

  1. Hello Mr Cookie

    Mahum Good boy here! Thanking yous for liking me, it make Mahum heart have much happiness. I been growing my manstouche since Mahum was 12 seasons old. It keep all my my strength and make me very powerful back home in Mahumba.

    You mention John Williams, have you seen the john williams, as he owe me great debt? My sister Muham has been disgraced by him taking her flowers.

    John Williams is nice man but bad man too. He bring down world if he not stopped. Mr Cookie I hope you stay on side of good boy.

    Be good boy, good bye

    Mr Mahum Good Boy

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