Martin Klasch

collection of images from Martin Klasch's flickr set

Martin has some excellent flickr sets of Children’s books, Book covers and Ephemera and other printed matter.

He also does the always enjoyable Musselsoppans Vanner random image blog, and if that not enough I’ve just found 2 more of his sites; These are my favourite things, which is a very handy round up of interesting links. And Martin Klasch which is his general blog type thing.

Strange and interesting images

2 thoughts on “Martin Klasch

  1. Hi Cookie,
    Thanks for the mention! I’m happy you like the images that I like! I uploaded a new buch to “Musselsoppan…” today. I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

  2. That picture of the air hostesses is the exact same as one we did for Ethiopian Airlines a few years back. Bleedin’ CD… tempestuous, difficult to work with, and now I find he’s a great copy director.

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