New Christmas Cheat Sheets

girls Christmas cheat sheet

Eventually I’ve got round to finishing the girls version of the Christmas cheat sheet, I’ve also tweaked the boys version a little.

Download: Girls Christmas Cheat Sheet >

Download: Boys Christmas Cheat Sheet >

Print them out, fill one out with your clothing sizes and give it to your partner. Get your partner to fill out the other and give it back. Then head out shopping and have a merry Christmas.

Update: By popular request, the girls version now includes ring size!

63 thoughts on “New Christmas Cheat Sheets

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  21. Great idea and great design! One potential typo: do you think girls are particular about the size of informal restaurant (brasserie) you buy them for Christmas? Or are they more likely to finicky about undergarments (brassieres)? ;o)

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  26. I referenced this great idea on my blog and a couple of people have already commented to me that while you are dropping hints you should probably add ring size (at least to the girls chart) Ha!

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  29. love these. .great idea, I’m forever rifling through my ladies draws (arf arf) to find out her size without spoiling the suprise or letting on she’s getting clothing. good work fella.

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