Lordsburg to Silver City

This is more like it and what we have been dreaming of for the last week. Gila National Forest as the name suggests is our first section of walking with shade from the sun. Much needed as were both looking a bit toasted! Shortly after Lordsburg and a brief encounter with a pack of guard dogs we finally hit singletrack trails that snaked there way through the mountains. Around every corner there was something new to feast our eyes on as we looked up towards the high mountains and over fantastic valleys.

This is where the good stuff starts and once we leave Silver City we start to hit interesting sections which require 40+ river crossings. Should be fun and I’m sure a few amusing post will follow – Paul.    

9 thoughts on “Lordsburg to Silver City

  1. Hey Nicky, Linda did actually manage to put some notes on during the week, but not sure how she is doing it?
    At least the boys have updated the blog now so should hear from them soon…

  2. Claire! Thanks so much for sending that link. How did you find it ? I’d started to think Cookie might be at the bottom of a cliff somewhere! That’s a relief.

    Ah, Linda came home – that’s how she’s managed to get essays and photos up when Cookie and Paul have been radio science … aaAAaaaahh ok ; ) For a second i was thinking, eh ? : )

  3. Great blog – amazing trip, fantastic ‘tash. Plumby pointed me at your site and its great, i’ll be following your progress. We should all meet for a poker sesh / pissup on your return.

    Ali (from nortel)

  4. This Blog = Wanderlust.

    I’m so jealous of your exploits in the West. I Would love to take a trip like this one day. I’ve done some backpacking in the Ghost Ranch to Pagosa Springs area so I’m definitely looking forward to reading what you gents have to say about that leg of the trip. Have fun.

    PS. Remember to change your socks.

  5. alright Paul,

    just having a sneaky perv on your efforts! looking good especially that steak! im hungry now and its only 9 am!

    just thought i would follow up on the footy news…went to ashton gate last night for the best game of my LIFE and Bristol City beat Crystal palace in second play off leg and were now going to wembley a week saturday!!!

    playing hull in the play off final! 90 minutes away from meeting you again next year! YOU REDZ!!!

    looking forward to seeing your beard progress!

  6. Just had chance to catch up on your Blog and glad you guys are having some nice scenery at last. Wish we could same the same for Central Bristol! Hope it’s all going well and you are on schedule.
    ‘Borough beat Man City 8-1 at the weekend Paul. Bristol City through to the playoff finals.
    Post some pics of yourselves looking like illegal immigrants or Deliverance hillbillies.
    Have fun and take care of those feet!
    All in the workshop send their best wishes.

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