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Suunto Watch

My mississ Nicky has gone back to England now :( As a keep sake and also because I knew I’d wreck it, I gave her my beautiful old Breitling Navitimer to hold on too (my most treasured possession).

It’s quite handy to know the time though, so today I got this Suunto Core watch. Not only does it tell the time, but also what altitude you are, predicts weather trends and has a storm alarm (will be handy in the heart of the Rockies) and a bloody compass! Surprised it’s taken me so long to get such a Swiss Army knife of the watch world, looking forward to putting it through the paces of the Continental Divide Trail.

I kind of wanted the obscenely chunky orange and black version, but they didn’t have it at the shop…

3 thoughts on “New Watch

  1. Cheers for the advice.

    Hmm, I think I’ll keep looking – there are too may reports of faults with them although I did here that the ones produced towards the end of this year are supposed to have less faults on them. Decisions decisions!

  2. it did the job telling the time, but the altimeter and compass were a bit flakey. Wouldn’t put my trust in them, but are handy in case of an emergency I suppose. We had gps on our phone and found that more reliable as an altimeter and obviously can’t go wrong with a proper compass. The battery lasted 6 months and be careful with instect repellant, it melts the plastic case!

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