New Zealand Highlights

Last week was the opening ceremony of the trail me and Nicky walked in New Zealand – Te Araroa. To mark the occasion I thought I’d share some of the progress I’ve made on all the photos and video we brought back.

I edited the photos first, there was about 25,000 to go through so I’ve only just finished! I got them down to reasonably easy to flick through 200 photo set of the highlights. And then a slightly longer 1000 odd photo set that covers the trail in a bit more depth.

We even got a few photos published in Geoff Chapple’s official trail guide, got our copy through the post the other day :)

If you followed our progress on Nicky&, you’ve probably seen most of these before, but you might be interested in checking out this short highlights video I’ve just finished putting together. It’s roughly in chronological order from the Top of the North Island to the bottom of the south, unfortunately I don’t have any footage of us getting to the end due to a memory card malfunction… Hopefully I might be able to recover some of it though. The rest of the video should be finished in the New Year.

Across New Zealand in 3 and a half minutes:

9 thoughts on “New Zealand Highlights

  1. I loved the blog you started about the trip, it was awesome to see and I showed a lot of friends. Probably the best travel blog I’ve ever read and seen! Pictures are great thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi buddy, i love your stuff keep up the food work. Just a question, ive made you backback as an arcteryx arrakis 50L, am i right? About that and the trails youve done, cause my current backpack is 90L, how long on both the CDT and on the te araoa did you spend at most between resupply? Im curious since 50L seemed to little for me. I do wish to carry less and walk faster so I am currently shopping for a smaller backpack. Any info is highly appreciated. Also, did you have any specific camerabag? Ive got a great one crumbler but i wouldnt use it if it was pouring rain. Also, excuse my english, im frome sweden :-)

  3. Greetings…
    I’ve been on a few treks around the world (Finland, Nepal), but this is something else. Great pictures. How long did it take You to complete the trek?

    PS – i’m a huge fan of your work :)

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