Nicky’s Knackered

Idon’t think Nicky’s aclimatised yet, she’s been struggling on the high climbs above 12,000 feet :( The next section of the CDT is a long ridge traverse taking in several summits over 13,000 feet… So we thought it best if she gave it a miss and had a little rest at lower elevations. So me and Nicky hitched a ride down from Berthold Pass, after saying goodbye to Paul who’s continuing on solo. Not for long though, we’ll meet up with him at Grand Lake in 2 days time.

One thought on “Nicky’s Knackered

  1. I am knackered – yes! Seems as though this whole state is pretty high up so you don’t need to go far along any foot path before you’re higher up than you realised. Even the valleys are super high up compared to sea level. The air is quite dry so taking an easy pace is the order of the day. I’m going to be skipping chunks to let the boys speed on at their normal pace and get stuck in. But mainly so i can get a comfy bed and a shower ;)

    Those boys are walking machines!

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