Phaeton Typeface

Phaeton Typeface

I‘m a massive fan of Kevin Cornell’s illustration work, so was delighted today when I saw he’s made his first font – Phaeton. Like most of his stuff it’s straight out of the Victorian era, oozing with charm & character, and chock-full of different ligatures & vignettes. You can get it for £35 from Veer.

He was helped out by typographer Randy Jones, who’s made a similar hand-drawn type – Olduvai. Sadly my budget didn’t quite stretch to that.. but it looks very nice.

3 thoughts on “Phaeton Typeface

  1. This looks really nice, cookie. The font and filter work perfectly together. I’ll definitely have to look into these. Thanks.

  2. I’ve got a photoshop filter called Permanent Press, it makes stuff look like old school inky prints. I just make a black box the size I need, apply the filter to roughen the edges a bit and then use that as a mask to make the boarder.

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