Pledge Handmade this Christmas

Pledge Handmade this Christmas

I’m all for handmade presents, all mine generally are made by me. There’s definitely been a bit of an explosion in people selling handmade stuff recently, probably spearheaded by the community at Etsy. I think it’s great and should be encouraged, so now you can pledge to buy handmade this Christmas.

Go on, you know it’ll make the world a slightly better and more interesting place. Better still just make your own, they don’t have to be perfect, it’s often the imperfections that make them so great.

One thought on “Pledge Handmade this Christmas

  1. Hi
    We have a new group set up and run by volunteers with disabilities called Creative Cafe at

    which is where members can show off all the creative things they can do and make.
    We also have a linked Salesrooms site at


    for art and handmade goods and are looking for more people to put up their things for sale.

    We have only been going for 3 weeks and have over 60 members so far and are looking for more so please join us.

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