Some Lomos from Nicky

Cookie and Paul In Colorado Montage

Hi this is Nicky :) Here’s a quick montage of Lomo moments i took when i visited the boys in Colorado. They’re taken on the section between Silverthorne and Steamboat Springs which went from mountains down to meadows, and a lot of forest! We even saw a large herd of wild Elk running through the valley below which was a pretty amazing site. So stunning that i totally forgot to get the camera out ;)

Lots more pictures here.

6 thoughts on “Some Lomos from Nicky

  1. Well, as long as you’re going to Canada, you might as well hitch a ride into the AK once you get there! You seem like you’d fit right in up here. :)

  2. Keep up the posts! I used to backpack and live in NM and CO and miss that part of the States.. You make my morning office wake up time so much more enjoyable. I’ve got a small group of people following your hike here in Massachusetts.. cheers

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