View from Bishopsgate Tower

View of Shoreditch from the top of Bishopsgate tower

A friend who I’d best not name snuck into the under construction Bishopsgate Tower the other night to take some pics from the top (no lifts, had to climb all the stairs…) Well worth the effort though, looks great, and a long way up!

You get a good view of Shoreditch Houses swimming pool from up there:

View of Shoreditch House swimming pool

4 thoughts on “View from Bishopsgate Tower

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    i am Mr clement and i will like to order for some Swimming Pool stairs from your shop if only u have them please and i will liken u to reply me back with the types u have and the types of payment u accept ..Thank you and waiting

  2. As not even the foundations of the Bishopsgate tower have been constucted yet, this picture is obviously a hoax. Unless of course you are talking about Broadgate tower?

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