Weekly Desktop Part 22

Weekly Desktop Part 22 - Cartoon angry man

Last week I caricatured 5 Pokers for their birthday cards, my favourite was Dezza’s so I made it into this week’s desktop for you to download. Bit of background – Dezza always looks a bit grumpy, and the quote is taken from a famous coffee machine rant email he sent round work:

“Dear everyone,

Today (and not for the first time), I found myself sifting through the rubbish sack looking for the filter attachment for the coffee machine.

I thought to myself ‘what sort of cunting-congenitial-fucktard would empty out the coffee,  lose the filter and walk away?’

“Why this will render the coffee machine useless, and prevent anyone else from ever making a coffee again” they must have chuckled to them-self as they sauntered off, their nasty ‘I’m-a-little-cunt look’ smeared across their clown-featured face.

Be aware that this offence carries a penalty of loss of coffee privileges for life. Should I ever be lucky enough to catch someone in the act they will also find themselves being assaulted about the face with the weighty filter handle.

Thanks for your attention”

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