We’re in Cuba

No not the island, the little town in New Mexico. We’re stuck here for a bit while we wait for Fed Ex to deliver some crampons and stuff for snow we’re expecting to come across shortley.

2 thoughts on “We’re in Cuba

  1. No way! if only I knew Yarm was going to have a gala I would never have booked the trip. I see I’m going to miss out on The Gypsy Jazz of Donnelly and Fisk at 1pm, Bugger!! Hope all is well back home and good to hear from you.

  2. Now lads. You look quite stuck, especially as I can no longer see any worm in that tequilla bottle. Still I guess its good to keep your salt levels up and the limes will keep away the scurvy… Or is it too late waiting for Fed Ex to deliver sanitary items?! Hope the mysterious cactuses can sooth any blistered feet or at least make you not feel them anymore. Can’t believe you’ll be missing Yarm Gala this year Paul… :) Still you’ll have a proper wass beard for the competition when you come back…. Oh and some good news – you’re no longer a suspect in the ‘Nappy Man’ case. So rest easy! You’ve reminded me Made in Englands on tonight so I’m off to watch that… Regards to Don Juan. Keep on truckin’.
    Good on yers. PK

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