Good Things Should Never End

Just gone live today is Poke’s latest site for Orange – Good Things Should Never End. It’s part of their unlimited campaign and the idea is that it’s an unlimited webpage that never ends! (Apparently Dezza informs me that you can get to the end, but it’s so bloody long that you’d be mad to try) What do you put in a webpage that never ends? Well a funny little world where things cycle, repeat and loop endlessly like the elephants above. You can also add to a never ending doodle, play with musical chickens, breed a mutant alien race, talk to robots, make ice-cream, watch monkey’s breakdance, go fishing, read a moustachioed man’s mind and things of that nature.

There’s shit loads of people who worked on it in the office, but off the top of my head – Knotty & Dezza coded it, My lovely Nicky drew all the rainbows :) Rex drew and animated all the characters (quite a few of which sport moustaches) and many many more…

4 thoughts on “Good Things Should Never End

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  2. Top work David, looks amazing, that must of taken you ages… I didn’t actually work on the unlimited project, but I was involved with the initial brainstorms – personally I hated the never ending webpage idea and wanted to do a looping animation fly through like yours!

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