Weekly Desktop Part 27

Lego studs desktop tile

Some more tiles this week, but this time Lego! I had a go at re-designing lego.com a little while ago, totally bombed in the pitch though. It turns out they’re all sick of the sight of lego and I’d built the whole site out of those little studs… Anyhow on the upside I made all these lego tiles which you can now download for you desktop if you wish. There’s red, white, black, yellow & green, enjoy.

I really liked my lego website made out of lego, below is a screen grab of what it was like (click for larger):

Lego.com pitch design

4 thoughts on “Weekly Desktop Part 27

  1. Hi Cookie

    I know this is an old post, but I know that you moderate comments too….so hopefully you will pick this up.

    Have you heard of a site called the wayback machine?
    It lets you look at a cache of old sites over several years. Lego’s .com site goes back to 1996.


    Too late for the Lego job I know, but it might be useful to see what future clients have been up to before pitching.

    Hope that helps.

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