International Kings of Sport

This is a bit of a hiking holiday tradition of ours – when in a place with lots of games, we like to play them all in an all day sporting/drinking contest. Grand Lake had plenty  on offer, so here’s the results of the Colorado International Kings of Sport.

First event was Champion Shuffleboard. It’s a pretty good game, a bit like crown green bowling and curling. Cookie came in 1st, Paul 2nd and Nicky 3rd.

Ten pin bowling. The bowling alley in Grand Lake is old school, we had to keep score with pencil and paper. Finally at last I understand how the points for strikes are worked out though! Nicky had a storming finish at came in 1st, Cookie 2nd and Paul 3rd.

Shooting alley, this event was a bit dubious as a lot of the targets were bust… But with 12 hits Cookie was 1st, Nicky had 11 and came 2nd, Paul had 10 and was 3rd.

Pool. This was a really close contest, after the first round ended up even stevens, we had to have a re-match. In a nail biting finish Paul was 1st, Nicky came in 2nd and I was 3rd.

Pinball. On the Indiana Jones table with Cookie got a whopping 56 million and was 1st, Nicky got a respectable 23 million and was 2nd, finally Paul got a bit of a work shy 13 million and was 3rd.

Crazy Golf. This course was pretty crazy – monkey’s going up and down on strings, conveyer belts carrying balls around the course and allsorts. We were pretty drunk by the time we got to this final event too. Cookie was 1st, Paul was 2nd and Nicky was 3rd.

Scores on the doors. So with 2 points for a 1st, 1 point for a 2nd and zero for 3rd, the final scores were – Cookie 1st with 9 points, Nicky 2nd with 4 points and Paul 3rd with 2 points.


One thought on “International Kings of Sport

  1. I’d like to contest the scores! I had 5 points Cookie! ;) ( And Paul had 4 ) To drunk to add up ….. But yes , you still whapped us Cookie :D

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