Kevin Dart

Illustration by Kevin Dart

Kevin looks like he’s been busy drawing his 007 inspired character Kimiko Suzuki (Yuki 7), he makes up his own wonderfully titled (I’m sure Ian Flemming would be proud) fictitious movies and illustrates the posters, generally with a good amount of bikini clad Bond girls in ;). I’m loving – The Deadly Bikini Girls of Shark Island, Mr. Broccoli should take note and put a bit of sauce back into the Bond franchise. Check out his illustration portfolio & blog here. Also you can buy his prints from Fleet Street Scandal.

Illustration by Kevin Dart

You can tell from his style that he used to work as a background artist – he did the BBC Olympics 2008 indents (the ones with Jamie Hewitt’s Monkey).

Illustration by Kevin Dart

He’s working on a book of his Yuki 7 movie posters (not released yet) and is doing a unique poster style for each regional release. I love this French version, which he says was “inspired by an exhibition about street posters from the Paris rebellion of 1968, as well as a bit of Saul Bass.”

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