Weekly Desktop Part 40

Oxford & cambridge Goat Race illustartion, desktop

This is a bit of a sneak-peak of something I’ll be bloggin’ about in much more depth once the details are finalised. Needless to say – expect racing goats, much boozing and funtimes all round, so keep Sunday 29th March free for the Oxford & cambridge Goat Race ;)

I’ve made two desktops, get the running goat one pictured above here »

Oxford & cambridge Goat Race - crest desktop

And you can download the ‘crest’ desktop here »

3 thoughts on “Weekly Desktop Part 40

  1. Hm it just because I see to much orange all the time. I think lightblue and cyan is the color today. :-)

    Is funny i like adrian johnson and frank chimero also very much but i dont thought at theme looking at your picture. looks still like cookie to me. Thats great!

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