Mountain Margaritas

Mountain Margaritas

I‘ve been day dreaming about this for a few day… we sometimes drink various powered sports drinks which are generally lemon and lime flavoured to replace lost minerals etc and to liven up plain old water.

I reckon there must be a powdered drink out there that when added to a mug of Tequila wouldn’t be far off tasting like a Margarita?

We usually carry whiskey to add to our coffee on an evening, but I reckon we could be onto a winner with a midday Mountain Margarita drink, when we hit Colorado there’ll even be plenty of ice on hand too ;)

Above is all the options I could find at the supermarket in Grants: Kool-Aid, Country Time Lemonade and Replenish sports drink. I’m going to stick some tequilla in and let you know how it goes!

3 thoughts on “Mountain Margaritas

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  2. ..hi, im from Mexico… try to make a margarita with “squirt” the name of the coctail is “paloma”, or you can mix the juice of many lemons, add sugar and some carbonated water and you have a base for the margarita, ad the tequila (the best is “Don Julio”)the salt and some ice, voila.. your margarita mix

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