Dehydrated Margaritas so far…

We’re trying to discover the perfect sports margarita by combining powdered lemon & lime drinks with neat Tequila. It may take a while to find the perfect match, but here are the results so far.

#1The Replenish wasn’t too bad, this is our favourite so far, it does taste pretty much like a Margarita and has added electrolytes to boot!

#2The Country time was ok, we could happily drink it, but perhaps lacked the lime kick of the Replenish.

#3The Cool-Aid was pretty grim… Beside the fact that it’s bright green, just tasted like a cup of chemicals.

2 thoughts on “Dehydrated Margaritas so far…

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  2. ew the Kool-Aid…the Replenish doesn’t look too bad. Oh and the Kool-Aid is enough for a pitcher and you have to add sugar, but then it would still be terrible with Tequila! *shiver*
    Good luck on finding the right mix. Maybe get some CaboWabo tequila or Patron.

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