Paintings in Progress

half finished painting in my bedroom

Thought I’d post a quick work in progress of what I’m up to at the moment, sorry the photos are shit… I’m currently in the middle of producing (with Nicky’s help too) a series of paintings to decorate the walls of Roome Consulting’s new office, they’re based on the work I did on Eleanor’s website. My bedroom is bursting at the seems with these 1 metre by 1 metre canvas’s, but they should look good, and very yellow!

Incidently a few people have asked me where I got the canvas’s from. I got they from Discount Art, who sell a box of 10 for £125 (reduced from £329) £12.50 each is pretty good value.

2 thoughts on “Paintings in Progress

  1. Just acrylic. I wish I knew more about paints because I’m sure there’ll be something more suitable for painting large areas of flat colour. Acrylic can sometimes be a bit of pain in the arse, but it’s what the art shop has and reasonably cheap…

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