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Need a new Job?

Well there’s no better place (if you live in London) to look than Roome Consulting. Not least because I designed the website, but because Eleanor’s the best in the business. I should know she’s found me all my jobs and was my housemate for many years. Here at POKE we don’t use anyone else for recruitment (well not much). So if you’re thinking about stretching your legs, head over and see if there’s any jobs posted that catch you eye. Or just get in touch for a chat. Be sure to tell your friends too!

Well anyhow it feels good to get this site finally live, it’s probably been knocking about for a couple of years now… You know how it is when you do work for mates and have no concrete deadlines. Built brilliantly by Mattias, it is actually the first project completed (and possibly the last..) by my company Made in ENGLAND by Gentlemen. Hope you like it, I think it’s rather nice:

Preview of Roome consulting homepage

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