Who’s the Drunkest?

Who's the Drunkest? drinking game scorecard

Tomorrow is my last day at Poke and my last evening in England for the next 6 months or so… I like to leave in style, so I’ve planned a bit of a farewell drinking competition for tomorrow evening :)

Basically I’ve stripped down the much loved pastime of drinking into it’s 5 main skill groups – Buying booze, carrying booze, drinking booze, being pissed & getting the Drunkest. When all the scores are added up at the end of the evening, we’ll find out – Who’s the drunkest?

If the prospect of that wasn’t thrilling enough, the prize for the winner is custodial care of my personal pint mug which Pete keeps behind the bar of the Owl & Pussycat for me. It generates much envy from fellow patrons each week, and could almost certainly ‘get you laid’ ;)

If you want to see me off, I’ll be at the Owl & Pussycat on Redchurch Street from about 6pm. If you want to compete for the prize, or just for fun – download the score sheet here, print it out and bring it along with you. If you want to rehash the game for yourself, feel free to download the original Illustrator file here.

12 thoughts on “Who’s the Drunkest?

  1. go dezza. making NZ proud. woooh. .I am SO gonna force people to play this on my birthday in november in sydney. thanks for the files cookie. enjoy your trip.

  2. Congratulations to Dezza who won the Drunkest on Friday! Pete actually gave him his very own tankard as a prize & mine’s been kept in safe keeping.

  3. Dude,i love your texture work and the overlays you create. Where do you find your textures and patterns? Do you create them? How? And how do you get the aged effect the best? Sorry for studid questions :)

    Have a lovely trip to the US of A!

  4. Hello, quick question what is the font you are using with the ligatures? Is it Feijoa? Can you point me in the right direction, cheers! Great blog!

  5. Possibly needs an event where you try to enrage the legendarily grouchy landlord. We once got him to fling his pen down in disgust. It were a bit good.

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